Community Impact

Sebastian and Boo

In December 2022 we were able to partner with Sebastian and Boo, a charity based in Sydney which aims to nuture the hearts of children by providing children in poverty conditions with their very own teddy bears. Many of these children have very little personal possessions, this aims to give them a little friend in the form of a Teddy bear that they can keep as their own. And the delight on their faces when they received them would melt your heart.

Cambodian Gowns

In 2013, Kim went to Cambodia, with a group of women who raised $35,000 for several charities supporting women and children at risk of, or rescued from, Sex Trafficking. During this trip she decided that she wanted a way to make an ongoing and long term difference in these women’s lives. She took clinic gowns with her as a base pattern, sourced some Cambodian fabrics and, asked some of these women to produce gowns for Kim to use at her clinic. The quality of the workmanship and the bright beautiful, coloured fabrics gained so much attention from patients and other therapists, that Kim decided to provide orders for other clinics. We are proud that this project is still supporting women and has been for over 10 years now.

We had the beautiful privilege to visit post Covid and be told that without any tourists, it was our orders that kept them afloat during the pandemic. We have now added clinic table covers and face-hole covers to the items that the women are producing for us.

Email or phone the clinic if you have any further questions or wish to place an order.

Local Health Volunteering

There are a number of other ways in which we are also supporting people in Cambodia.

Kim has volunteered with a couple of local organisations helping to provide free treatment to those in rural communities or slum communities that would otherwise have no access to allied health treatments. This has happened in provinces where weas a group, joined a team of locally trained doctors and nurses in the provinces providing free clinics for locals. We took with us local Myotherapists and spent time supporting and mentoring them in further skill development.

Kim has since gone on to provide free training sessions for some of the local therapists. As it is difficult to find training information in the Khmer language, we work with a Myotherapist and business leader who translates the seminars. This is ongoing and we intend to continue building on these opportunities in the future.

Cross Fit Volunteering

Volunteering at Cross Fit events is an effective way to hone skills. Where better to test out the efficacy of your treatment approach than to work at Cross Fit competitions? These competitions provide the opportunity of supporting and treating the athletes who will test their bodies with complex movements and movement combinations, across multiple events in succession over several days.

Working at local competitions, gives us the chance to look after some of our regular patients as they compete in their chosen sport, while working at Australian Cross Fit championships, Cross Fit regionals events and Downunder Championships provides the chance to work on higher level athletes, as they compete in international competitions under high levels of stress, completing up to 10 events over 3 days.

Great recovery is a must during competition for these elite athletes and this level of competition attracts very experienced practitioners from a variety of fields who take on the opportunity to learn from each other. Sharing and developing skills as a collective is invaluable and builds a community of practitioners for the betterment of the field.



Kim has been an accredited Rocktape seminar teacher for 4 years. She teaches courses in the local area to therapists and sports coaches as well as at the universities for the Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Exercise physiology students.

One of the other great benefits of being a part of the Rocktape teaching team is the constant professional contact and access to the latest research in terms of treatments, taping and other relevant information. This is a highly motivated group of professionals who stay up to date with the latest research and advancements in kinesiology taping and it’s applications

Southern Cross University(SCU)

Kim has been invited to teach masterclasses to the final year Osteopathy students at the Lismore and Gold Coast campuses of SCU. This is a class series used to hone the student’s skills in advanced teaching, as they prepare to transition into full-time clinical practice. Kim loves this type of teaching as she has the opportunity to help the students develop clinical reasoning skills, a critical component to their treatment protocols.


Teaching in the Biobasics course is a wonderful opportunity for Kim to help nurture a different skill set for recent graduates. This teaching group provide initial training to students stepping into the Biodynamic field in Osteopathy.

Read more about Biodynamics


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